Summer Beach Vacation Tips Part 2: The Set-Up


Here is Part 2 of our Summer Vacation Tips Series- The Set Up. Your beach set up is important for a full day of soaking up the sun- so lets talk a few tips and tricks to make your summer vacation a success.

The Set-Up

  1. Neon Shade – If you plan on buying an umbrella before your trip, buy one that will stand out, such as bright yellow. It is easy to drift in the ocean and everyone enjoys taking a walk down the beach. This makes it easier for everyone in your group to find home base on the beach.
  2. Keep it Sturdy – You also want to make sure your umbrella can stand up to the constant wind and sun. A whimpy umbrella may cut your beach day short.
  3. Sanity Saver – Parents with babies and young kids listen up! Bring a small inflatable baby pool for your child to play in- they get to splash and enjoy the sand in their own little bubble. This keeps them safe and you sane.
  4. Mid-Day Grumbles – lunch on the beach- sandwiches are easiest. Pre-make in the morning before hitting the beach and you are good to go!
  5. Size Matters – everything you carry to the beach in the morning, you have to carry back later. Downsize your bags, coolers, and toys where you can.
  6. Big Wheels – get a cooler with wheels or even a wagon for all of your toys. Keep in mind that it can be difficult to pull through soft, loose sand though.
  7. Hydration is Key – make sure there is enough water for everyone. The sun and salt water can dehydrate you very quickly, so be prepared.
  8. The Perfect Beach Throne – You will be spending a good amount of time parked in one chair during the week. You need one easy to carry- look for lightweight and straps. But also make sure it is comfortable and breathable.
  9. Claim Your Territory – Prime beach spots go quickly, so get up early and set up camp. Once your stuff is positioned where you want, you can go back and enjoy breakfast and leisurely wander out when you are ready. Also, spread your stuff out so that another group isn’t sitting right on top of you. Don’t forget to check the tide and make sure it isn’t going to cause you to move again in a few hours. (That was three tips in one- you’re welcome!)
  10. Ice Ice Baby – You get a 2 for 1 with this…freeze a few water bottles to act as an ice pack and once melted, you have some ice cold water for hydration.
  11. Bucket Love – Large sand buckets have many uses- sandcastle building, clean water for rinsing hands, carrying all the other toys, filling up the baby pool, and so on. The bucket is important!

It’s hard to consider everything you may need for a day at the beach, along with the positives and negatives of certain products. Pick and choose what will work for you and your family. We have one more post in our Summer Vacation Tips Series, so be on the lookout!

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