Summer Beach Vacation Tips Part 3: Everything Else


This summer beach vacation tips series is a fun guide to make your trip memorable, fun, and with the least amount of stress possible. Previously, we covered the Beach Bag and the Set-Up. The last part in the series is going to cover a little bit of everything else from money savings and entertainment to a couple miscellaneous tips. Enjoy!

Every Penny Counts

  1. Scavenger Hunt – Look for coupon booklets in rest stops, hotel lobbies, and restaurants- this may save you money on everything from attractions to a simple meal.
  2. Don’t Rent, Shop – Once at your destination, stop at the local dollar store and grab some boogie boards, inner tubes, floaties, snorkels, and whatever toys you want! This is cheaper than renting for a week and you can pay it forward by giving your toys to another family once your vacation is over.
  3. Pre- Trip Cheddar Savings – Attractions, rentals, and food can be pricey- check for coupons, such as groupons, before leaving for your trip.
  4. Buy in Bulk – Buy a case (or two) of water for the week instead of buying a couple bottles at the snack shop every day.


  1. Natural Creativity – Let your kids get creative with the surrounding nature and build a tent! You don’t need to bring anything extra with you! Have them build a fort out of sticks, branches, leaves, and a large towel, blanket, or sheet. Fun for the kids and grown ups- who doesn’t love building a fort?
  2. Sandy Checkers – Make your own checkerboard with paint on a piece of fabric- just stamp out the squares. Bring it to the beach and hunt for rocks and shells for your pieces and voila!
  3. Doozy Drive – The car ride can make for a long, hard day, especially with kids. Plan some games for the ride- get creative and avoid the electronics as long as possible. We all grew up playing the silly car games like the license plate game, etc. Your kids should get the joy of bonding over car games too!
  4. Lazy Day Prep – make sure you have your batteries charged, ear buds packed, and books downloaded on your kindle.


  1. Million Dollar Views– Go beachfront whenever possible. It’s hard to put a price on the amazing views you get from a beach view rental from the sunrise to the sunset and people watching in between.
  2. So Fresh – Local, fresh, straight from the boat seafood is a must on a beach trip! It’s your chance to get away from the frozen, store-bought stuff you get at home. Take advantage and find a local seafood market while you can! (And it’s usually cheaper too)

Hopefully one, two, or all of these tips will help lower the stress of planning a beach vacation this summer. Now it’s time for you to get out and have some fun in the sun! Enjoy your trip!

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