Fishing in Padre Island Beach


Looking for a fun activity that the whole family can enjoy while visiting Padre Island Beach? Get out on the water and go fishing! Fishing is a popular activity all along Padre Island, whether in Port Aransas and Corpus Christi or down in South Padre Island. With multiple options from deep-sea fishing all the way to inshore fishing, you wont be disappointed.

Many people have a certain type of fish in mind when casting their line, which may be anything from a red to a shark. You will have a better chance at catching that specific fish depending on where you fish in Padre Island Beach. Inshore fishing in one of the multiple bays, such as Laguna Madre or Corpus Christi Bay, or right from the beach is very popular on the island. You may catch reds, snook, trout, flounder, or even some larger offshore fish, such as sharks, that find their way into the channels. The best places to cast your line are from a pier and breakwaters where there is access to deeper water.

If you are looking to catch the bigger fish, then hopping in a boat for offshore or deep-sea fishing will be the best option. Within just a few miles of shore, you may catch snapper, cobia, amberjack, mahi mahi, kingfish, shark, tarpon, or many other species. In order to catch the bigger, more aggressive fish, you will have to go deep-sea fishing and try your hand at catching sailfish, swordfish, marlin, or other large fish. When catching these monsters, be ready for a good fight! Also keep in mind that whether you are out in the deep sea or shallow water, live bait is the best way to catch all types of fish. For example, use a simple worm, shrimp or small mullet.

There are so many factors that affect the wide range of fish species in Texas such as water temperature, depth and clarity. All year round the fish are biting, but the prime time is when it starts to cool off around September and October through December and also in the springtime. The moderate weather energizes the fish, which makes them more active and in turn makes a fishing trip more interesting and lively. Not to mention that you start to see more of a variety of types of fish at this time too. This activity goes down once the bite of the cold in the winter months starts to affect the fish. The prime water temperature mark is at about 70 degrees where a wide variety of fish become active both inshore and offshore, although some fish can tolerate cooler or warmer temperatures. Whether fishing with a professional or on your own, you must take in to account all the factors that come into play in order to be successful at fishing in Padre Island Beach.

This past summer brought a record-breaking blue marlin off the coast of Port Aransas. This amazing fish weighed 972.7 pounds and measured 137.5 inches long, which is almost 100 pounds over the previous record from 1988 caught in South Padre Island. This powerful fish took almost an hour and all eight members of the crew to reel it in, but rewarded them with a big win in a billfish tournament and $40,000. This beautiful, strong blue marlin was short a few hundred pounds of the world record, which was 1,376 pounds caught in Hawaii in 1982.

For your chance at a record-breaking fish, or even just to have a great time catching reds, sharks, and so many other species, come to Padre Island Beach and drop your line in the beautiful ocean! Pack you fishing pole or go out with a charter and experience this popular activity from North to South Padre Island. There are plenty of fish to catch all year long!

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