North Padre Real Estate Spring 2015


With experience from dabbling in the real estate industry since 2007, Jacob Bocanegra with Bumstead Properties and Associates is no stranger to the ups and downs of the North Padre real estate market. One of the main things that Jacob expressed was how upcoming and opportunistic the North Padre area is right now. In Jacob’s words, “This has been a sleepy town, and it’s starting to wake up.”

Currently, the demographics are changing in North Padre. The older generation is moving out and the young professionals are on their way in to take advantage of the prices and upcoming opportunities. With prices low and on the rise, the young adults are diving in to get their little slice of paradise while they can.

“Potential is being sold right now.”

There are a lot of projects and construction on the rise, which is why North Padre is becoming more and more desirable- not only for residents, but also vacationers. For example, Schlitterbahn is almost complete. This waterpark, resort, golf course, restaurant and bar, all in one, is the perfect place to spend your weekends or vacation. Everything is currently open except the waterpark, which will be open this summer. The Riverwalk is also in the works, which will allow bigger boats along with a better passageway to the Intracoastal- appealing to boaters and fishermen in and around the area. In addition, lots of new businesses are migrating to North Padre, along with multiple condominiums and townhomes to prepare for the upcoming boom in visitors.

When asked why now is the perfect time to purchase a vacation home in North Padre, Bocanegra concludes that people need to buy now before everything is developed. The developing area is only going to cause the prices to continue to rise as the demand rises. Around this time next year, the prices will be substantially higher, so now is the time to take advantage of the affordability. “The rental market is ruthless,” according to Jacob; and with the upcoming development, the number of renters will only increase. This opens the door for you to own a vacation home and be paid when you aren’t there, which sounds like a pretty amazing deal.

“People come to North Padre to dress down, not dress up.”

Buyers can find more than just a relaxed lifestyle in North Padre. The endless amount of beach and water activities such as fishing, kiteboarding, boating, and just enjoying the sandy beaches are popular. The access to fun and nearby towns makes for enjoyable adventures also. Not to mention, the beautiful weather year round in Southern Texas.

Condos and townhomes are the most popular in all areas of North Padre. Among all of the features that can be found in a vacation home, Jacob said the view is the most sought after. Other things people look for is the proximity to the beach, updated area, and if making the permanent move, the school district, which is great. When it comes to home features that buyers are looking for, a boatlift, garage, tile floors for easy maintenance, and a pool are at the top of the list.

There is just an overall great quality of life that people can have living or visiting North Padre Island – don’t let this opportunity slip away. Your vacation home will become your retreat just for you and your family, where fun and entertainment is always close. Now is the time to take advantage of the affordability and make your dreams come true.

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