South Padre Real Estate Spring 2015


“South Padre Island is the best kept secret in Texas.”

I had the chance to speak with Leah Roustan with South Padre Coastal Real Estate, who loves not only her job, but also South Padre. Leah adores South Padre for the beautiful beaches, friendly and diverse people, amazing food, year round nice weather, tons of things to do, and the list can go on. Being a real estate agent, Leah has had the chance to meet people from all over and explore the city from one end to the other.

Let’s get into the specifics about the real estate market in South Padre. Due to Texas’ delayed response to the economy, the real estate market in South Padre Island is still a buyer’s market. The prices are low, but Leah believes they will be on the rise and will switch to a seller’s market by the end of the year. With that being said, now is the best time to buy that vacation home you have been dreaming about for years. You can get the most bang for your buck and the value will only increase.

When asked, “What makes South Padre a good place to own a vacation home?” Leah highlighted affordability and renting capability, along with the sheer beauty and features of an island town. She mentioned a 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom condo that is available for just $126,750 right across the street from the beach. She followed that up with this statement: “There’s nowhere else that you can be this close to the beach for the prices we have down here.” Renting out your vacation home offers the chance for someone else to pay for your mortgage or even for you to make money off of the property. There are many snowbirds who come to spend multiple weeks or even months in South Padre during the winter, along with families who just need to escape the snow. There is, of course, also the summer vacationers, which makes available condos a hot commodity and easy to rent out.

“Great time to buy, always a good time to live here.”

Every buyer is different- from the type and size of the home to the location, features, and amenities. South Padre covers it all. There is everything from large houses with multiple rooms to 1-bedroom condos. Each complex offers different amenities, so there is something to meet the needs of everyone. Leah said that many buyers look for condos because of the homeowners association; you don’t have to worry about mowing the lawn, daily maintenance, or keeping the pool clean. Obviously one of the main features of wanting to own a home in South Padre is the beach. Between the Bay and the Gulf, you are never too far from that beach access we all desire.

There are two things coming to the island to increase tourism and more chances to rent out your vacation home when you aren’t in South Padre enjoying it. First, the plans for the second causeway at the north end of the island are being finalized, which will make it easier and more accessible for people to get to the island. Second is a Launchpad for NASA, which plans to shoot off their first rocket in 2017. This will bring people year round to watch the launches from South Padre. With these two upcoming changes, renting out your vacation home is that much easier.

In conclusion, now is prime time to purchase your vacation home. South Padre is the perfect place to bring your family and friends any time of the year. Let renters pay for your condo while you get to enjoy it whenever you want! With so many positive things to say about the island and real estate market, Leah ended our conversation with the quote, “It’s impossible to be unhappy here.” Make your dream a reality in South Padre Island.

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